Honeywell CK65 Solutions

The Honeywell CK65 is a mobile computer designed to increase supply chain productivity. It boasts a battery life of up to 28 hours of battery life. The device runs on an intuitive Android platform that maximizes functionality. Honeywell designed the CK65 for best-in-class data capture in even the roughest environments.

Taylor Made Cases created cases and holsters to help you to maximize the CK65's potential.

TM-CK65 - Honeywell CK65 open front case with one D-Ring, fitus for use without the pistol grip and can be used with the durable TM-SS01MC shoulder strap.

TM-CCK65G - Honeywell CK65 with pistol grip open front case with one D-Ring, This solution can be used with the durable TM-SS01MC shoulder strap.

TM-FMCK65 - Honeywell CK65 with a pistol grip, scanner down molded vehicle mount with permanent mounting base. This can be ordered with a non-permanent clamp (NP-CLAMP). This mounting solution will keep your device secure and safe.

TM-HCK65-01 - Honeywell CK65 without pistol grip, slide in the holster with back slide-clip. This solution is compatible with the TM-BO1 belt.


This can also be created for any other wrist strap solution!

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