These boards are for Pepperidge Farm distributors only.                        Give us a call at 919-209-0555 for pricing and to order.


Integrated carrying board for Intermec CN70E and PB51, with large back pocket to hold 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  Holster detaches from board and can be worn separately on a belt.  Pepperidge Farm logo is embroidered on the holster.  TM-SS02MC shoulder strap and TM-LBL leather belt loop included.

hcn70e-pb51-hbm web  hbm accessories label hbm back1  lola hbm holster1


Integrated small carrying board for Intermec CN70E and PB51.  CN70E soft pouch holster with elastic pocket and J-hook bungee does not detach.  Expandable pocket on back.  Rubber carrying handle with included  TM-SS02MC shoulder strap.  Includes Pepperidge Farm logo embroidered on the holster.

hcn70e-pb51-hb-08 web  -08 labeled wm