We have a variety of attachment options to fit any budget and end use.  These are our most commonly selected options but we will taylor the attachment to your specific needs.  Want to use a holster with a shoulder strap?  No problem.  Just give us a call!


Our stainless swivel has two attachment options, four positions and a whole lot of convenience.  The  TM-LBL leather belt loop accommodates a belt up to 2″ while the money clip style PW-RGCLIP can be used with or without a belt.

swivel slbl         swivel rgclip

The metal slide clip is cost conscious and easy to use.  The plastic D Lock can be a great solution for an intrinsically safe environment and is used with a leather belt loop.

metal slide clip         plastic d lock

Oh Snap!  The snap over and web belt loops allow for easy on and off, especially when snapping it over one of our web belts.

snap over Belt loop sm         snap web loop

Sewn belt loops offer fixed attachment.

sewn belt loop         sew web loop sm



The most popular attachment option with our cases is the D-ring.  It easily attaches to a shoulder strap, securing the unit while maintaining ease of use.  The D-ring can also be used in conjunction with a handstrap.

                Dring        case hanstrap

Our cases can also be attached with the stainless swivel and TM-LBL or PW-RGCLIP.  The case will still come with a D-ring that can be used with a shoulder strap because we are all about options!