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  • TM-CCN70E
    Intermec CN70E/CN75E case, open front with one d-ring
  • TM-CCN70E-01
    Intermec CN70E/CN75E case, vinyl keypad with one d-ring
  • TM-CCN70E-IP30
    Intermec CN70E/CN75E case for use with IP30, open front with one d-ring
  • TM-CCN70G
    Intermec CN70/CN75 with pistol grip open front case with one d-ring
  • TM-FBCK3
    Intermec CK3 with grip mountable fabric holster with back webbing straps & grommet holes
    Intermec CK3 when using the rubber boot mountable holster
  • TM-FBCK71
    Intermec CK71/CK75 with pistol grip fabric vehicle mount with back web loops & corner grommets
    Intermec CK71/CK75 with rubber boot fabric vehicle mount with corner grommets & back web loops
  • TM-FMCK3
    Intermec CK3 molded holster for wall/vehicle/structure mounting. Sold assembled with RAM Mount & permanent mounting base.
    Intermec CK3 molded vehicle mount with RAM Mounting Systems permanent base & includes non-permanent mounting bracket.
  • TM-FMCK71
    Intermec CK71/CK75 with scan handle molded holster with RAM mount & permanent mounting base. Scanner down model.
  • TM-FMCK71-NP
    Intermec CK71/CK75 molded vehicle mount, scanner down, with RAM mount & non permanent mounting clamp
  • TM-HCK3
    Intermec CK3 without pistol grip, holster style holster with snap over belt loop
  • TM-HCK3-06
    Intermec CK3 padded holster, with stainless steel connector & includes belt loop
  • TM-HCK3-KT
    Intermec CK3 without scan handle, belt holster kit includes TM-B01-1.5" belt
    Intermec CK3 with rubber boot, without pistol grip, holster with snap over belt loop
  • TM-HCK70-01
    Intermec CK70 (without scan handle) belt holster with elastic pocket & slide over metal belt clip.
  • TM-HCK71
    Intermec CK71/CK75 belt holster with extra padding & stainless steel belt attachment with includes belt loop.
  • TM-HCK71-01
    Intermec CK71/CK75 holster, padded front & extra padding for screen protection with web snap belt loop
  • TM-HCK71-03
    Intermec CK71/CK75 holster, padded front & extra padding for screen protection with web loops for mounting

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