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  • TM-C9090-HH
    Symbol 9090/9200 with grip, Hip holster (cut swivel), Open Front (no vinyl), stylus holder & d-ring includes belt loop (TM-LBL)
  • TM-C9090-HH-KT
    Symbol/Motorola 9090/9200 open front case hip holster includes TM-LBL leather belt loop & TM-B02 2" heavy duty web belt
  • TM-CZQ520-HTC77
    Zebra ZQ520 printer case with detachable Zebra TC77 holster with slide clip & 2 D-rings (D-rings are on side of printer case), holster attaches on bottom of printer case via slide clip with hook & loop for added security & includes TM-SS02MC shoulder strap
  • TM-FB3300
    Zebra MC3300 with pistol grip fabric mount with corner grommet holes, back web loops for zip tie mounting
  • TM-FB3300-RM
    Zebra MC3300 fabric vehicle mount with permanent RAM arm
  • TM-FB3300-RM-NP
    Zebra MC3300 fabric vehicle mount, with RAM arm and non-permanent mount
  • TM-FB3300RB
    Zebra MC3300 fabric mount with back web loops, corner grommets, accommodates the rubber boot
  • TM-FB9000-01
    Zebra MC90XX series fabric wall or vehicle mountable holster with web pieces. Four corner grommets can be used to mount or use zip ties through back webbing
  • TM-FB9000-01-SS
    Zebra 9090/9190G/9200 wall/forklift fabric mount with corner grommet holes, back web loops & includes safety strap, 20" adjustable
  • TM-FB9000-BR
    Zebra 9200 fabric vehicle mount with metal mounting bracket
  • TM-FB9000RB
    Motorola/Zebra MC9190/9200 with the additional rubber boot fabric vehicle mount with corner grommets & back web loops
  • TM-FB9300RB
    Fabric vehicle mount for Zebra MC9300/ MC9400 when using the rubber boot, corner grommet holes & back web loops
  • TM-FBCK3
    Intermec CK3 with grip mountable fabric holster with back webbing straps & grommet holes
    Intermec CK3 when using the rubber boot mountable holster
  • TM-FBCK65
    Honeywell CK65 fabric vehicle holster with corner grommets & back web loops
    Honeywell CK65 fabric vehicle mount with back web loops & corner grommets, accommodates the rubber boot

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