The Honeywell CT40 is a powerful data capture device with a portable, small form factor. It’s built with a powerful Android OS which can help you get the job done quick and efficiently. The device is perfect for any business needing premiere data capture and a smooth workflow.

Taylor Made Cases created this detachable wrist strap solution to help you to maximize the CT40’s potential.

TM-WS-CT40-RT – Honeywell CT40 wrist strap, CT40 is detachable and can be rotated, with adjustable wrist straps. This custom solution gives you flexibility and functionality. The CT40 can be used with the wrist strap, or it can be easily removed in seconds to use elsewhere.

Pictured below is the wrist strap with the device removed.

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? This can also be created for any other wrist strap solution! Give us a call at 919-209-0555 and we can create a solution that is taylor made to your specific needs!